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PIP-II Risk Management Plan

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This PIP-II Risk Management Plan is developed following the guidelines of the Fermilab Risk Management Procedure for Projects. It includes:

• Risk management process and tailoring of Fermilab procedures;
• Risk analysis Monte Carlo model;
• Standing army and escalation burn rates;
• Results of risk aggregation and contingency estimate; and
• Annexes describing pre-analyses of specific risks (escalation uncertainty, foreign exchange rates, etc.)

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Full update for CD2/3a DOE Review, including:
• Comprehensive review and update of risk register;
• Review and update of standing army and escalation burn rates;
• Results from risk MC using full (not summary) P6 baseline schedule;
• Removal of annex for retired risk: RT-121-05-005.
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  • PIP-II-doc-1392: PIP-II Workshop: R&D and Risk Mitigation Session
  • PIP-II-doc-3124: CF - Conventional Facilities Status
  • PIP-II-doc-4354: CF: Conventional Facilities Status
  • PIP-II-doc-1233: PIP-II Risk Register
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