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PIP-II-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
163-v6 PIP-II Risk Management Plan Lucas Taylor Director's Reviews
Project Management
DOE Reviews
24 Sep 2020
142-v9 PIP-II Quality Assurance Plan Jemila Adetunji Project Management
05 Jun 2019
3100-v8 PIP-II Project Nonconformance Handling Procedure Thomas A. Digrazia Project Management
04 Sep 2020
2611-v10 WBS 121.04 - Linac Installation & Comm: Quality Assurance and Quality Control Plannning Jerry Leibfritz Linac I&C
27 Apr 2020
1166-v8 ED0001222 PIP-II Global Requirements Document Steve Holmes et al. CD-1
DOE Reviews
27 Jan 2020
4414-v2 PIP-II Risk MC Model (PRA file) Lucas Taylor Director's Reviews
Project Management
DOE Reviews
17 Jan 2020
172-v6 Project Management Plan for The Proton Improvement Plan-II Project Paul Derwent et al. CD-1
Project Management
08 Jul 2018
3283-v19 Quality Control Plan Tracker Thomas A. Digrazia Quality
06 Jan 2020
2991-v2 The Possibility to Mitigate LFD Problem in PIP II Pulsed Operation Regime Vyacheslav Yakovlev et al. SC Linac
Project Management
21 Mar 2019
1582-v6 PIP-II FDR MEBT kicker review Alex Chen et al. MEBT
Internal Reviews
Front End
22 Oct 2018
1466-v2 CD-2/3a Preparation Kickoff Meeting Marc Kaducak et al. Project Management
12 Apr 2018
1448-v2 PIP-II Project Status Steve Holmes Technical Meeting
Project Management
20 Mar 2018
160-v10 PMG Presentations Paul Derwent et al. Project Management
18 Dec 2017
52-v1 CDR write-up Valeri A. Lebedev Project Management
12 Jan 2016

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