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PIP-II-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
113-v10 PIP-II Conceptual Design Report Valeri A. Lebedev Rings
Software & Computing
PIP-II Collaboration
SC Linac
04 Jun 2018
1436-v1 Voltage and Phase Stabilization in SC Cavities Valeri A. Lebedev LLRF
19 Mar 2018
1112-v1 Beam current measurements with resistive wall monitor Valeri A. Lebedev Instrumentation
Technical Meeting
12 Sep 2017
548-v3 Second Order Slip-factor Valeri A. Lebedev Beam Dynamics
23 Aug 2017
1076-v1 PIP-II cryomodule update and future testing plans Valeri A. Lebedev HWR
22 Aug 2017
283-v2 Beam Current Measurements in the MPS Valeri A. Lebedev Instrumentation
15 Mar 2017
1-v1 The PIP-II Reference Design Report Valeri A. Lebedev SC Linac
27 Oct 2016
108-v1 Limitations and possible improvements of the Booster two-stage collimation Valeri A. Lebedev Booster
12 Sep 2016
64-v3 Power Supplies for PXIE Cryomodules Valeri A. Lebedev Magnets
19 Apr 2016
81-v3 BPMs for the PIP-II linac Valeri A. Lebedev Instrumentation
13 Apr 2016
59-v1 Requirements to PIP-II Alignment Valeri A. Lebedev Beam Transport
SC Linac
03 Feb 2016
52-v1 CDR write-up Valeri A. Lebedev Project Management
12 Jan 2016
25-v2 Booster Transition Crossing Valeri A. Lebedev Technical Meeting
Beam Dynamics
15 Sep 2015

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